Richard An

Hi, and thank you for visiting Picky Ricky. My company exists to serve you and I hope you'll let us know how we can delight you, so that you're looking forward to coming back for your next price search. I am really just an email or phone call away!

I spent the last three+ years (starting from July 2008 in San Diego) building this site and I would like very much to thank the following people:

  • my mother and aunt, for asking me one day that July "Have you written any code yet?" Up till then, I had been reading how-to books on programming, but never taking the plunge. Where would I begin my first line when a web site is so massive and daunting?
  • Tommy, for being my friend during the bleakest months after my mom's prodding. It was difficult learning how to program and it was very depressing. Nothing worked initially and the simplest things took hours of trial & error and googling for help. Tommy made each day fun by meeting me for lunch and dinner.
  • Purnendu, my former boss, for all the years of patiently imparting his critical judgment. I always asked myself "What would Purnendu do?" whenever I needed to resurface for perspective.
  • my former coworkers, I would think of them and appreciate how much work goes into a simple "one-liner" feature.
  • The following open source projects and the community of contributors and documenters around them.


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